About Inspiring Co

Inspiring Co. has been active in automotive engineering since 1999. We understand automotive intimately, especially powertrain systems calibration, on-board diagnostics, in-vehicle network architecture & embedded controls development.

Inspiring has been involved in web development since 2000. Using web technology and Open Source tools to solve automotive problems.

Since 2013 we have been highlighting the potential of nascent crypto-currencies, the Bitcoin [Nakamoto consensus] protocol & their associated Blockchains to both secure Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and revolutionise the automotive supply chain.

Inspiring Co develops automotive cyber-security solutions to solve the problems faced by connected & autonomous vehicles using de-centralised, P2P, permission-less innovations inspired by the Bitcoin consensus protocol.

We provide automotive training (embedded systems & in-vehicle network protocols) for ‘cyber-security’ people and penetration testers entering the automotive space
crypto-currency (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.) training for everyone especially new adopters and established developers who are realising the potential of this amazing innovation.