About Inspiring Co

Established in 1999 Inspiring Co is founded upon three decades of expertise in automotive; powertrain systems calibration, on-board diagnostics, in-vehicle network architecture & embedded controls systems development.

Our insight into the engineering complexities of modern vehicles and our familiarity with the automotive business can add enormous value to your enterprise and we regularly assist firms with; embedded controls, automotive cyber-security and mobility data related projects.

Inspired by Bitcoin. Inspiring Co has been intimately involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2013 highlighting the potential of crypto-currencies & their associated blockchains to improve privacy, enable frictionless commerce and foster permission-less innovation in the automotive industry.

Throughout this time our R&D has focused upon how ‘blockchain’ technology – moreover – decentralised, peer-to-peer consensus networks can vastly enhance safety & security in connected & autonomous vehicles.

We have organised public education events such as BitBrum, participated in events such as Coinfest UK and delivered training courses to numerous organistions including; cryptocurrency meet-up groups in Birmingham, Manchester & Bristol, universities such as BCU & Warwick and the DETC (Digital Engineering Centre).

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your organisation just call us, email us or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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